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Fifteen years ago as a new inside sales manager, I remember a mentor telling me to “keep an eye on my industry.”  Being the eager young achiever, I made a point to research key trends and Inside Sales statistics for phone sales and/or technology companies (I was at Insight at the time).  It was the proverbial needle in a haystack.  Anything phone related was for call centers – inbound sales, B2C, and service centers.

Inside Sales Statistics You Should Care About

Thanks to the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, today is a much different story.  There are literally hundreds of studies and whitepapers being published about Inside Sales, and my goal is to save you time by sharing the ones I find most interesting and insightful.  Here’s number one:

Out of nearly 1000 people surveyed, the challenge inside sales executives, managers and reps cited most often was, Agent Development/Training.

Now as a training provider, of course I find this one most interesting, but here’s why you should too:

  1. Organizations that do provide formal 3-week programs were shown to have HALF the attrition of those with informal 3-day programs
  2. Executives and reps cite “lack of agent development” as a number one cause for attrition
  3.  Recruiting is tough and it’s going to get tougher.  A great training program can double your hiring pool.
  4. Getting agents to ramp to quota faster can add DOUBLE the revenue than cutting attrition

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About the Author

LBA fifteen-year veteran of the Inside Sales Industry, Lauren has worked as both the Director of Sales and the Director of Training while traveling the World to launch Inside Sales teams for companies like IBM and SAP. Speaking the languages of both sales and training, Lauren built Performance-Improvement Company Factor 8 to help other organizations get reps from the DOOR to the FLOOR selling MORE.

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